Saturday, May 29, 2010

Volunteers commended for playground effort
The Soldotna Community Playground volunteer committee extends a thousand thank-yous to everyone who helped make Soldotna Community Playground possible. Without our wonderful and generous sponsors and donors, our amazing volunteers, our outstanding Build Week captains, our incredibly skilled craftsman, our very-giving material and equipment donors, our generous Build Week food donors and chefs, our terrific childcare volunteers and the groups who donated space for the children we cared for, all of our fantastic playground supporters, our dedicated City of Soldotna supporters, and all of the great children who helped design the playground and who inspired us all, we could not have built the playground without you! Working together, we brought the dream of Soldotna Community Playground to life.

Clean energy act doesn't make sense
Regarding H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, I do not want to appear rude, it is a long bill and it started at the house and will be coming to the Senate if not already, but you cannot take it all seriously. Title II Section 201 and 202 are impossible -- I cannot believe anyone wants to put the American people through this. No one could sell their homes, let alone keep up with the whims of the Secretary and the EPA. Graft in those industries will run wild. Those two alone would need to have to be watched for problems.

Time for a new face in Congress
I have always admired Congressman Young, always will, but I see new names. I think we are in dire need of "new"! It's time. One candidate I hear has lived in Alaska around two years. To me, that does not make an Alaskan, no non-Alaskan gets my vote. Sorry, but it's about Alaska! Ten years or more to be an experienced Alaskan who has the right to stand for us. Someone who wants to save our U.S and Alaska constitutions. Someone to fight for our elderly to have the care they deserve and need. Someone who is not afraid to stand up to the Federal Government and say "No! We do it our way in AK!" Someone who can and will listen to the voices of Alaska and hear us, over everyone else. I dont want a "suit" in D.C, telling us the best way to do things, who has never stepped on Alaskan soil. I want an Alaskan who cares about Alaska!

Mother's Day tea a success
Spaceba bolshoi (Thank you very much) to everyone who helped make the first annual Mother's Day Russian Tea such a success. In addition to having a delightful afternoon with friends and family, your community support helped raised over $2,000 for the restoration of Kenai's only National Historic Landmark, the Russian Orthodox Church, in Old Town.

Businesses want to see more visitors this season
Memorial Day weekend brings the first major flush of visitors to the Kenai Peninsula, and area businesses dependent on tourist dollars are hoping they'll keep on coming.

Marilyn 'Moe' Bolvin
Longtime Sterling resident, Mrs. Marilyn "Moe" Bolvin died Friday, May 21, 2010 at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna. She was 71.

Robert L. 'Tex' Dean
Longtime Alaskan and Sterling resident Robert L. "Tex" Dean died peacefully Monday, May 24, 2010 with his friends, caregivers and roommates by his side at Heritage Place in Soldotna. He was 77.

Driving smart on Peninsula roads
Memorial Day weekend, and the hordes approach. We know what the highway traffic is going to be like.

The next phase in life ...
Congratulations to the high school graduates this week, and to the Kenai Peninsula College grads of this year.

Refuge Notebook
There is nothing more relaxing and exhilarating than the clean smell of a freshwater stream, and the peaceful sound of water cascading over rocks on a clear summer day. Everything seems so perfect. With fishing rod in hand, you cast out for another try. You hope this day and the fishing will never end. Many anglers dream and live for days like this. But unknowingly, our angling boots may be harming Alaska's streams by transporting aquatic invasive species from one stream to another.

Around the Peninsula

Funny River drama club on stage

Dimond topples SoHi at state
It was a tough afternoon for the Soldotna Stars on Thursday at Adair-Kennedy Field in Juneau as the No. 3 seed in the state soccer championships fell to the Dimond Lynx 3-1.

SoHi baseball shellacks Houston
Soldotna opened the round-robin Houston Invitational Tournament with a 24-1 shellacking of Monroe Catholic on Thursday.

Patience in relationships avoids chaos
Remember the great movie, Jurassic Park? It helped popularize the science of non-linear dynamics, commonly called Chaos Theory. It is the idea that one and one do not always add up to two. In non-linear relationships, little things do not add at all: they multiply and quickly grow out of proportion. So, for example, we still do not understand why one breeze dies out over the ocean and another grows and multiplies into a hurricane of devastating force. But, as Ernest Zebrowski, Jr., writes in "Perils of a Restless Planet," we do know that the starting breeze may be as small as the beating of a butterfly's wings. He asks, "Could a butterfly in a West African rain forest, by flitting to the left of a tree rather than to the right, possibly set into motion a chain of events that escalates into a hurricane striking coastal South Carolina a few weeks later?"

Church Briefs

First Baptist Church in Kenai plans Vacation Bible School

Draft helps Brown Bears plot future
The Kenai River Brown Bears have finished in last place in the North American Hockey League West Division since the franchise's inception in 2007. The organization made steps to reverse that trend by drafting 11 players during Wednesday's 2010 NAHL Entry Draft.

Twin Cities to start Saturday
The Twin Cities Raceway - Circle Track Division will have its first event of the year on Saturday. Time trials will be at 6 p.m. while racing starts at 7 p.m.

Bird Homestead Golf Report: Greens get good beginning
Bird Homestead Golf Course is off to a great start in the 2010 golfing season. Larry Hamilton and his crew have been focusing on the greens and I must say they are looking very nice for this time of the season. The tee boxes are beautiful and the fairways are looking pretty good too. Jeff Gillman has been thinning some trees in between some of the fairways and it has opened up so much. Each year we work on improving and I think we are making some great progress.

Oilers sign hot-hitting Wittels
The Oilers have signed hot-hitting Garrett Wittels, a sophomore at Florida International University, to play for them this summer.

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