Jack Brown was recently named honorary Sheriff of Nikiski

Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2001

After serving the Nikiski community for some 14 years, Jack Brown has left his responsibilities as Assemblymen for seat 3, and has been named the unofficial Honorary Sheriff of Nikiski.

According to Brown, his first priority is going to be to get the State Troopers to back off and stop issuing so many revenue generating traffic tickets. "Actually the Troopers have been very good this year because of the road conditions they have cut people some slack and been very good to work with," said Brown who has assumed his new position with the Borough Administration as Business Development Manager.

At his final meeting as an Assemblymen Brown took some good-natured roasting from his colleagues and received a plaque of appreciation from Assembly President Tim Navarre. "When you represent a diverse community such as Nikiski, there is never a dull day. You get immediate feedback, if folks don't like the way you vote they're at your office first thing the next morning or that night on the phone. Actually, it was a very refreshing experience representing Nikiski; you know where you stand right away. It was a wonderful experience," said Brown.

As Business Development Manager for the Borough Brown is looking forward to undertaking the monumental task of putting together a bid for the International Arctic Winter Games, "It will require the full effort and support of the Central Peninsula area, and give us an opportunity to work together," said Brown. The final proposal will have to be in a year from now according to Brown, but if successful in winning approval to host the Games, the project would result in a tremendous amount of new infrastructure being built with federal, state, and private dollars. "This is an incredible opportunity, so I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the bidding process," added Brown.

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