Reader: Home-schooling has its advantages

Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I have been home-schooled since I started school. I am 13 now, and I have home-schooled for about nine years. My name is Joshua Johnson, and I am going into ninth grade. Home schooling is fun!

One day a kid asked me what school I went to, and I said home school, so he said what home school do you go to. I think home-schoolers do better in school than public schoolers. Some kids think, well if I do home school, then I won’t have friends, but this is not the truth. You can have plenty of friends, when you home school. Just do home school activities, you’ll find a lot of friends.

Home-schoolers are usually nice kids, unless they went to a public school, got kicked out, and now are in home school. What I like about home school is you can get done faster, but in public school, you always get done at practically the same time.

If everyone in this world did home schooling, this world probably wouldn’t be as bad as it is. The kids, that go to public schools, usually learn bad words, and those schools are not a good influence on them. Home-schoolers have a harder time trying to learn bad words, because they aren’t around so many bad kids.

You also can go to things, when you are home schooled, that public school kids can’t go to, like BBQ’s or fun things, during the time, that public schoolers would be in school. So, that’s my point of view on home schooling advantages.

Joshua Caleb Johnson


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