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Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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  Georgeanna Lois Heaverley

Meagen Christensen ties James Kinslow's tie before their graduation ceremony at Nikiski High School.

Photos by Joseph Robertia

Juanita Millyard, who is graduating from Nikiski a year early this spring, said her high school career was great, and that she plans to go to college and become an educator herself. But not at the high school level.

“I’ve seen the way I act and my friends act toward teachers,” she said, explaining why she would prefer to teach elementary school students.

Nonetheless, Millyard said the overall atmosphere at her school has been uplifting and she will miss many things about it.

“The great people, the teachers, the students, the great atmosphere,” she said, ticking off some of the things she said made her school great.

In a list of things he’ll miss most, Zech Hemphill said a biggie would be mom’s packed lunches, always loaded with treats and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“My mom always made my lunch,” he said. “I miss that.”

And mom’s lunches helped him avoid the not-so-delectable-looking school lunches, he said.

“Everything looked all greasy and old,” he said.


Krystal Ross, Randi Williams and Meagen Christensen share a moment under Old Glory before their graduation ceremony Friday.

Photos by Joseph Robertia

But Hemphill said the school’s teachers also played a roll in his life that he’ll miss.

“They’re so cool to us,” he said. “They’re like extra parents.”

And Hemphill said he was proud of his graduating class’ keen sense of humor.

“There’s never a dull moment in our class,” he said. “Sometimes the jokes are immature ... but there’s nonstop laughter.”

Sarah Herrin, a graduate who stood outside the school’s auditorium in white flip-flops as she waited for the ceremony to begin, plucked heartstrings as she shared her enthusiasm for her school.

“It’s going to be tough,” she said about leaving. “It’s a happy and sad moment at the same time.”

“It comes from the heart,” she said after a friend passing by remarked on how touching Herrin’s comments were.

Herrin said she plans to celebrate with friends after the ceremony, but she won’t be able to stay out too late since she had to be ready to race in a dirt bike race in Anchorage on Saturday.

Elijah Stafford, however, said he was ready to party after graduation, and wore a Hawaiian shirt under his gown in anticipation of celebrating at the Elks club later in the evening.

In her own celebratory way, Tatiana Butler had decorated her graduation cap with spring-like decorations, including silk flowers and butterflies.

She said the butterflies symbolized change and the flowers growth.

“And strawberries because I like them,” she said.

Butler described her graduating class as tight-knit.

“I’ll miss the great sense of camaraderie and the great teachers we had,” she said.

Sheri Jackson said she’ll also miss friends and teachers, but not the early mornings.

“Making it to first hour was my biggest problem,” she said.

Melissa Farrell said she’ll be glad to leave behind all of the high school drama.

“I don’t even want to get started,” she said when asked to explain.

On her carefully decorated cap, Farrell had illustrated musical notes with fabric paints to reflect the three years she spent singing in choir during school.

Nikiski High School class of 2006

Michael Scott Anderson

Sasha Beth Auldridge

Joshua William Ball

James Albert Barrett

Israel KC Blatchford

Camerin Lynn Bogard

Joel Austin Brewer

Tatiana Noel Butler

Meagen Lee Christensen

Heather Lynn Colton

James R. Cox

Kaysie Lynn Denison

Melissa Susan Farrell

Christina Marie Fucci

Stacey Lynn Griffel

Georgeanna Lois Heaverley

Zechariah Alan Hemphill

Sarah Leanne Herrin

Amanda Rochelle Holliday

Amber Rose Huhndorf

Heather Jean Hunter

Sheri Nicole Jackson

James Ian Kinslow

Karina Jean Lorenzo

Jordan Thomas McCaughey

Alexa Kelley McClure

Kayla Jean McCreary

Rick Aaron Miller

Juanita Juana Luz Millyard

Robert William Mullins

Lia Leimakamae Nelson

Brittany Rae Olson

Jackie Marie Palm

Laura Michelle Rooper

David Adam Rorrison

Jolene Anna Ross

Krystal Jeane Ross

David William Schwenke

Elijah Louis Stafford

Amy Rochelle Superman

Carin Rose Tauriainen

Steven Lewis Taylor

Michael Henary Theis

Caleb B.J. Thurman

Erica Ann Thye

Mia-Mari Annelina Tolonen

Justin Roman Tumbaga

Justin Lee Vance

Frieda Louise Ware

Justin Russell Weaver

Randi Danielle Williams

Robert George Zinck


Tatiana Noel Butler


Tatiana Noel Butler

Tatiana Butler, daughter of Matt and Debbie Boyle, is graduating from Nikiski High School with honors as the valedictorian. She is the president of the National Honor Society, debate team captain, student body treasurer and actively involved in 4-H. Her interests include hiking, painting, dancing, swimming and alpaca farming. She will attend Amherst College this fall for a biology degree and plans to become a veterinarian and eventually return to Alaska.

Georgeanna Lois Heaverley


Georgeanna Lois Heaverley

Georgie Heaverley is the daughter of Gerry and Cindy Heaverley and graduates this year from Nikiski High School. She has participated in varsity volleyball and track and field, is a member of the National Honor Society and is student body secretary. She will attend the University of Alaska Anchorage this fall, where she will pursue a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences in preparation for an eventual transfer to medical school.

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