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Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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  Trevor Kauffman

Ashley Wood helps Kristina Hart with her mortar board while waiting to enter the Soldotna Sports Center for Soldotna High School's commencement ceremony.

Photos by M. Scott Moon

High school was about to become a memory for Soldotna High School’s class of 2006 on Friday night, and the memories accompanying the students’ four years as Stars were up for discussion before the event took place.

One memory that stood out from their senior year came up repeatedly when students were asked about memorable occasions. The event, involving a truck, a video camera and about four feet of snow, was about to become a memory for attendees of the graduation ceremony, too.

“Jake’s truck, senior memory,” Eric Fischer said as he and friends Anton Weissenberg, Michael Zufelt and Samuel Peter were asked about the number one memory of the year.

“During the winter, they built a huge snow ramp and they jumped it. This thing flew,” Zufelt said.

The Jake in question was fellow senior Jacob Howarth, who said the idea hatched with the help of a friend or two in math class.

“We jumped it about 58 feet. It was pretty sweet,” Howarth said.

Trucks tracked memories across the entire year for some of the assembled grads, actually.


Sean McMullen, 6, watches for his oldest sister to enter the Soldotna Sports Center's auditorium with other Soldotna High School graduates Friday.

Photos by M. Scott Moon

“The senior memory for me would be running over a mailbox during prom,” Weissenberg said. “Backed over it, took it out of the person’s yard.”

“It would also be the time somebody’s car got run over by a Suburban,” Peter added.

That burst brought on another memory for Weissenberg.

“Best SoHi memory would be when somebody drove a truck through Mrs. Severson’s window,” he said.

Fischer filmed Howarth’s truck jump, which was screened as part of a multimedia presentation during the graduation ceremony. Fischer said he plans to edit the clip and send it to the extreme sports television show “Maximum Exposure” in hopes of making the memory a worldwide phenomenon.

Budding filmmakers apparently abound in the class of 2006. One high school memory for Marlana McCown, Hannah Anderson and Ashley Brandon — who contributed a Spice Girls lip-synching skit for the multimedia presentation — involved filming McCown stuffing Anderson in a trash can during their freshman year at SoHi.

“I put Hannah in a trash can and pushed her down the stairs, because we tried to make a ‘Jackass’ movie,” McCown said.

“And it didn’t work,” Anderson chimed in.

The filmmaking, unlike the lip-synching contest that had the trio mugging like the Spice Girls, was not school-sanctioned.

“We would just do stupid things, and that was the stupidest thing we did,” McCown said.

Joshua Northcutt’s senior memory was fresher than the freshman memory McCown and company recalled.

“Today works for senior year — it was skinny dipping in a lake,” Northcutt said. “That was about four hours ago.”

Melissa Downs couldn’t recall any particularly memorable moments from the 2005-06 school year. Downs was thinking about the future, which for her involves a move to Dallas to study marriage and family counseling at the University of Texas.

“I went down in December to stay with my cousin for six days, decided I liked Texas and got an apartment,” Downs said.


James O'Guinn and Mike Barber joke with Jake Howarth as Howarth holds a cutout of fellow SoHi graduate Steve Mabeus, who missed the commencement ceremony so that he could watch his brother make his Major League Baseball debut.

Photos by M. Scott Moon

Dallas was warm during Down’s December stay, which was a selling point.

“It was pretty warm, sunny at least,” she said.

Alaska’s winters aren’t winners for McCown, either. She had decorated her mortarboard with stickers from surfboard-making companies in anticipation of a habit she plans to pick up upon arriving in Hawaii this fall.

“I hate the winter,” McCown said.

Soldotna High School class of 2006

Dakotah Ellsworth Aldridge

Ariel Marie Anderson

Hannah Ruth Anderson

Jared Alun Aseltine

Alejandra Atala Andrade

Brooke Ashley Bailey

Michael David Barber

Ashley Loree Bell (Giusti)

Quinn Alan Bennett

Alex Simion Bias

Keegan O’Neal Birchfield

Brian Douglas Blossom

Ashley Alyse Brandon

Kelcy Alexandra Burford

Lacy Nicoel Bush

Kevnea Suzanne Cain

Hilary Chantel Cameron

Caleb Chase

Isaac W. Chatham

Zachary S. Cowan

Elizabeth Ann Denna

Kacia Nicole Dimick

Ernestine Roxanne Donaldson

Melissa Suzanne Downs

Stephen Michael Druce

Ashley Marie Earll

Sarah Grace Endries

Eric B. Fischer

Alyssa Marie Giles

Deana Katherine Glick

Eve Elaine Green

Eric David Hart

Kristina Hart

Jacob Levi Hartman

Kayli Patrice Helvie

Daniel H. Hepner

Brian Paul Herring

Lorena Marie


Jacob Howarth

Brennen Scott Jackson

Sara Kay Jensen

Courtney Danielle Julien

Trevor Wade Kauffman

Kelly Eileen King

Andrew Stephen Kircher

Olivia Susanne Landeis

Kevin J. Laurion

Michelle Lynn Lawrence

Joshua Bryan Lee

Young-Shin Lim

Sandra Reneé Lloyd

Patrick Spencer Lybrand

Steven LaVerle Mabeus

Matthew E. Madsen

Stephanie E. Magee

Darryl K. Magen

Adrienne S. Marey

Amirah S. Marey

Mabel Marinkovski

Kyle David Martin

Lance Willis Milton McCaughey

Marlana Jean McCown

Katherine Ann McKenna

Samantha McMullen

Gilles Michel

Mariya Dawn Miller

Michelle Marina Miller

Katherine Marie Mills

Stefanie Renae Moiles

Matthew Ross Myers

Benyapha Namwong

AdriAnna Faye Newberry

Reuben Joshua Wayne Norman

Joshua Michael Northcutt

Sheila Marie Oelrich

James Alex O’Guinn

Noah James Oostman

Lisa Michelle Orth

Brittany Ellen Osland

Seth Thomas Payfer

Samuel Peter Jr.

Shane Evan Peterson

Constanza Piérola

Aina-Leena Pihlajamki

Anthony Allen Pollreisz

Sasha Alyce Porter

Liana Kanani Kealoha


Allyssa Susanne Roach

Tyler Derby Roesch

Michael Ruhland

Whitney P. Rysdyk

Marisela R. Sanchez

Andrew James Schaafsma

Travis W. Schoendaller

Allie M. Schoessler

Alicia Eileen Sherman

Yoko Shiotani

Josh D. Simons

Kendra Heather Sinclair

Moah Son

Jalissa Morgan Stonecipher

Michael Sutton

Chance Tallman

Kyoko Tamaru

Sean Twohy

Rebecca Lee Utrup

Louis R. Velasco

Darrin A. Virgilio

Heather A. Wallington-Elder

Anton Weissenberg

Jennifer Marian Werth

Kory W. Wilbanks

Jacob R. Wilkinson

Jessica A. Willis

Ashley Kay Wood

Michael T. Zufelt


Trevor Kauffman


Trevor Kauffman

Trevor Kauffman is the son of Jim and Lois, and has lived on the Kenai Peninsula since 1998. He is the second-oldest of six children, and enjoys the outdoors. Some of Trevor’s favorite pastimes are riding motorcycles, camping and working on his 1964 Volkswagen Beetle with the guys. He works for the Alaska Forestry Division and will head to Philadelphia in the fall to study engineering and liberal arts at the University of Pennsylvania.

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