New postage system should be stamped out

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am now into the second week of the new “shaped-base” postage system. Is anyone else as disgruntled as me about not being able to figure simple postage any more? I’ve written a letter to our folks in Washington, D.C., asking them why such a convoluted, inept, incompetent and completely unworkable system, at proposal stage by the USPS, was allowed to slip by their watchdogs.

Surely somewhere in the federal government is a secretary they could have done a trial run with to see if it worked before inflicting this on the entire country.

Not only do our postal workers have to expend three times as much time figuring out how to send something, but even those of us who could figure out postage on our own, in our offices or at home with our postage meters or without, are now incapable of doing so, resulting in longer and longer lines at the post office. I’ve seen many time wasting solutions by our federal government, but this one seems to get the prize for most idiotic.

They need to back out gracefully and start over.

Marilyn E. Wheeless


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