Writer: Uncle Ted oblivious to failures

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sen. Uncle Ted Stevens has a robust and verifiable record of bringing federal funding to Alaska over his long senatorial career. He also has his imprint on key federal laws and regulations extremely applicable to our state and its peoples. He has hundreds of examples of successful intercession with federal bureaucracy for constituents. His bias is also well known.

On the other hand, he shows a career record of failure with certain senatorial responsibilities. For example, consider how the Federalist Papers No. 63, second paragraph describes the Senate’s part in properly steering America’s foreign relations: An attention to the judgment of other nations is important to every government for two reasons. The one is, that independent of any plan or measure, it is desirable on various accounts that it should appear to other nations as the offspring of a wise and honorable policy. The second is, that in doubtful cases, particularly where the national councils may be warped by some strong passion, or momentary interest, the presumed or known opinion of the impartial world may be the best guide that can be followed.

What has not America lost by her want of character with foreign nations? And how many errors and follies would she not have avoided, if the justice and propriety of her measures had in every instance been previously tried by the light in which they would probably appear to the unbiased part of mankind?

Compare this guidance to the last half century of U.S. history, and the external threats now facing our country — all spanning Uncle Ted’s career. Add to this his permitting Congress’ anti-constitutional abdication of some Section 8 congressional powers to the office of the president.

Compare the Constitution to reality to prove this yourself. What’s revealed? America is now vulnerable to economic collapse, unending war, national security driven perversions of government and an international reputation that stinks.

This constitutes gross federal government failure at part of its very purpose of existence.

Shouldn’t we resolve why Sen. Ted Stevens is apparently oblivious to these matters? He says he’s running for another term.

Stuart Thompson


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