Senseless act of vandalism disrespectful beyond words

Posted: Tuesday, June 01, 2004

On May 17, 2003, my daughter, Heather Faeo, was hit by a car in Kenai while crossing the street between McDonald's and Blockbuster Video. She was seriously injured and died later from those injuries. A memorial sign was installed on a light pole at the site of this accident in April 2004. On the anniversary of the accident, May 17, 2004, I placed a cross and some flowers at the site to honor her memory.

The cross was there less than two weeks when some thoughtless person came along and managed to bend it over backward. It was not an accident; there was no evidence of a vehicle going off the road and hitting the cross or the light pole it was attached to. Some sick, twisted individual intentionally perpetrated this disgusting act of vandalism.

Bending this cross must have taken a considerable effort (and possibly more than one sick, twisted individual), seeing as I made it from 2-inch steel bar.

I am appalled that anyone in our community could show such blatant disrespect for an accident victim's memorial, much less for God! I am sure they have no intention of apologizing or making any reparations for the damage, but if anyone out there knows who they are, I would hope they will tell them what a disgrace they are to the rest of the human race.

Laura Faeo


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