Nuking Iraq untenable, not way to bring peace

Posted: Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A letter by a Mr. Wyka appearing in the May 19 edition of the Peninsula Clarion advocated ending the Iraq war with the use of nuclear weapons, a proposal rooted in madness. Rather than "bringing a swift and justifiable end" to the war, it would result in catastrophic consequences for the planet.

Mr. Wyka's views are based on several false premises:

1. Throughout the letter Mr. Wyka confuses the Iraq war with the war on terror. Saddam and al Qaida were not allies, an assertion the administration has now admitted not to be the case. The Iraq war was not "thrust upon us by the Arab world," but rather by President Bush and the Project For the New American Century ideologues who had advocated it openly for years. His further use of the phrase "yellow dog terrorism" compounds this error.

2. The letter advocates the U.S. use of nukes so to "not subject its young men to needless suffering with stupid posturing." Mr. Wyka fails to understand that real stupid posturing has been the now admitted false assertions of weapons of mass destruction, the Niger yellow cake uranium lies, Colin Powell's duplicitous U.N. "evidence," the Valerie Plame outing, the false Iraq-al Qaida connection, the shock and awe trumpeting, the Jessica Lynch fabrications, the "Mission Accomplished" strutting, the "bring 'em on" taunting, the Thanksgiving plastic turkey photo-op, and on and on.

3. Mr. Wyka, who seems to represent all Arabs as terrorists, feels that Arabs should be thankful for all the good things the United States has brought to them. Apparently, he is unaware of the 1953 CIA overthrow of Iran's democratically elected government, the U.S. providing WMDs to Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war, the U.S. deserting the Iraqi Kurds, and the long running Israel-Palestine conflict, the U.S. support of the House of Saud, etc.

4. He assumes that the Arabs would nuke us, if they had "such an arsenal." Several countries (including Arabs) do have nuclear weapons and they have not used them. In fact, the U.S.'s tacit acceptance of Pakistan's selling of nuclear technology to these countries is an odd undermining of his view.

5. His letter also proposes that the U.S. should "destroy those who want to lay siege to our land." What degree of "wanting" is enough to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike? Is this just limited to Arabs?

6. Mr. Wyka states that "American boys must not be sacrificed for political expediency." He fails to comprehend that the whole Iraq mess, and much more, has been to the tune of political and corporate expediency.

I fervently hope that this country will be able to weather the political and corporate assault that it is currently experiencing, and that we, as a free country and people, recapture the ideals, aspirations and actions found in our Constitution and history, and that we regain our honor, our dignity and our soul to again lead the world in an admirable and noble manner.

George Harbeson


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