A little tongue in cheek

Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006

Our governor has a recurring favorite dream wherein, when he zooms throughout the country in the new jet, he makes sure that everyone knows that he is the governor, and dresses the part.

Nothing ostentatious, you understand, just a business suit, with decorous epaulets, barely trimmed with gold braid that matches the gold stripes down his trouser legs — and maybe a beret similar to the ones our military wears.

Knowing full well that he has angered a great many Alaskans with his high-handed actions, regarding the bridge that goes nowhere, etc., he hatches a plan that should mollify his cash-conscious constituents by saving the state millions of dollars.

The next time our Legislature prepares to head to Juneau again, he notifies them not to bother convening, as he has dissolved that worrisome group who don’t rubber-stamp his great and wonderful plans, thereby saving the costs of running the state.

He then pronounces himself governor for life and assures everyone that if he has any problems running the state’s business, he can always turn for help with his good buddies, the heads of the oil companies.

After one of these dreams, he always wakes with a big smile on his face.

Mary Duffy


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