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Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006

All of the changes are designed to make the Clarion a better paper. Our goal is to make it easier to read, easier to locate features and, of course, to provide you with the most interesting and beneficial information to help you live on the central Kenai Peninsula.

Along the way we’ve also been encouraging you to give us feedback, and you have, but we’d like some more.

Our change to the Neighbors format initially drew negative responses, but as time has passed, we’re finding there are definitely those who approve.

Through it all — good and bad — our goal is the same: to make the Clarion your paper.

We’re not done looking for new ways to be your paper, in fact, today two readers have pointed us in a new direction for our arts and entertainment section.

Leslie Baker of Nikiski and Taylor Medley of Soldotna helped us create the perfect name for our section: Pulse.

“The pulse is the monitor of the body, so it just seemed to fit,” Baker said, who is a regular reader of the section formerly known as InSide.

Baker said she looks for information on plays, gallery openings, music offerings and video games (“I play everything but the ‘Xbox,’” the mother of three said).

Medley took the last-minute approach.

“I just sat down and thought about the concept,” Medley said of her quickly created winning entry. “I actually came up with about seven things.”

But it was her suggestion of “Peninsula Pulse” and Baker’s idea of “Pulse of the Peninsula” that caught our eye.

Staff members voted on the suggestions, with “Pulse” the overwhelming favorite.

However, we didn’t stop there. While the section may look the same, we did add a couple of new features.

“Poet’s Corner” allows writers of prose to voice their verse. This idea was sparked by Skyview High School teacher Susan Wheeler, who came to us and asked if we would print her students’ poetry.

After some thought, the answer was “Why not?” So we open our corner with a poem by Charlsee Parker of Kasilof, and we encourage our readers to submit their stanzas.

The other new feature is called “Wired.” Wired is the place to get the skinny on the latest technology. It may not be there every week, but if there’s a new buzz, we’ll be there.

Reader-contributed content is what makes the Clarion your community paper. We thank you for getting involved and we hope you’ll continue to do so.

Stay tuned for more.

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