Leman speaks for the people with his honest declarations

Posted: Thursday, June 03, 2004

Regarding Lt. Gov. Loren Leman's recent support of Mike Miller, the Lisa Murkowski campaign and Sen. Ted Stevens' comments, I felt compelled to write.

I start with my congratulations to Mr. Leman. I could not be more proud and inspired by his honest declarations, forthright acknowledgement of an individual's right to express and his unwavering stand for democracy and freedom in voting. Congratulations! Finally, a representative of the people willing to speak up for and defend the rights to honest and fair political practices.

Contrary to some statements, I believe this may in fact be Lt. Gov. Leman's finest hour. He has clearly shown he is not willing to simply bend to the political whims of others hellbent on personal benefit. It is unsettling that other representatives of our state would imply that one must forego their personal beliefs or political decisions simply to better someone else's.

Voting rights are guaranteed solely to the person, the individual, the one. They are not granted collectively. Not party oriented. Not devised as a reward. And certainly not rights to be directed or mandated to you by others.

I remain confident the people who are the voting power for this great state will see past the smoke and mirrors of a powerful few and will make the appropriate changes to bring an end to these self-serving actions and pressures.

Bruce Oskolkoff


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