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Posted: Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Once again the Clarion has done a stellar job of discriminating against a voter. Yep, more than one person uses a computer within a household. I guess my opinion doesn't count if my wife has already inputted hers?

Since you made it impossible for me to express my opinion on the issue of a borough mayor vs manager form or government, I would hope that this venue is still open to me.

First, we voted for a change -- one is in the process of occurring. If members of the assembly are not happy with the changes, then maybe we did not change enough of our borough form of government.

Second, isn't it about time to get rid of the old-boy system that has led to higher taxes? I think the assembly members should resign or commit to reducing the taxes by 75 percent. Make the state pay for those 1980s' school bonds they backed out on for a start. I would have never voted for those issues without the state's share.

Richard Freese


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