Drive-by honkings are not necessary

Posted: Wednesday, June 03, 2009

OK, folks. How many of you have seen moose grazing/standing along the highways and byways of the Kenai Peninsula? I sense a show of every hand. How many of you have ever seen a moose react to anything short of a gunshot? I sense no hands going up, oh wait, there is one. How many of you still honk your horns at moose as you drive by? (I call it drive by honking.) A few hands, sheepishly, then a few more, around the room. And, what, exactly, do you think honking is going to accomplish?

The moose pays no attention whatsoever, and your chances of "goosing" it into some kind of action could be that it jumps right in front of your car. I've actually seen that happen. Once I saw a moose turn and move away from the road, but I think it was just done eating and that coincided with the annoying honking person.

So are you warning other drivers? Are you so excited about sighting a moose you can't help yourself? Did the sight of a moose along the road startle you? Were moose significant in your childhood nightmares and now you must react by honking your horn?

I especially like the guys in big trucks who immediately shift into second and peel past the moose with tires and exhaust pipes screaming. Showoffs. The moose still pays no attention.

Moose don't care how much noise you make. They are bigger and sometimes I think smarter than you because you continue to make noise despite how well they have adapted to you.

That reminds me of something: Folks who can't keep their hands off their horns when they see a moose remind me of my own yappy little dog, that, although she knows what a moose is, has seen it up close and personal nose to nose through the fence, still insists on standing on the porch and barking at it. The moose pay no attention to her, either. But at least she is only heard in her own little world.

We'd all live in a much saner, quieter place if people could be smarter than dogs or moose and leave their hands off their horns.

Marilyn Wheeless


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