Writers should respect mama bears' territory

Posted: Thursday, June 03, 2010

Joe McGinniss wants to write a book about Sarah Palin.

He has purchased a home within eyesight of the Palin home in Wasilla.

The Palins have built a large security fence to block visual assault on their private lives.

Todd went to talk to Joe McGinniss about the Palin's concerns.

Sarah warned him to leave the children alone.

Joe got defensive and started to grow frightened.

On MSNBC, he talked about his sense of danger for trying to write a book that will reveal the private life of an Alaskan Family without their welcome or okay.

I would ask Mr. McGinniss: "What on earth were you thinking?"

Just as a mother Griz will protect her cub, so Alaskans will protect their own. We may not endorse Palin. But, by God, who on earth ever gave you the impression that you can come here and lay open a private life?

We are Alaskans. Don't come to our doorstep unless invited.

Mr. McGinniss, you need to move on. You're messing around with a mother bear. You're too far inside her space. Don't get eaten.

Norm Olson,


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