114 SoHi stars shine at graduation

Posted: Monday, June 04, 2001

The 114 members of the Soldotna High School graduating class of 2001 entered the gymnasium May 22 in waves of two and three dressed in gowns of light and navy blue. Principal Sylvia Reynolds commented that it was a strong class. She said the students were wonderful and unique in different ways, athletically and artistically.

"I'm going to miss them," she said.

Valedictorians Kara Merrill, Megan Newbould, Lucas Petersen and Tasha Zsoter shared the hopes and inspiration they had found as they grew with the class of 2001.

"Life owes you nothing," Merrill said. "Have purpose or you will never reach your destination."

Newbould noted mental strength is as necessary as physical strength. Recalling the time SoHi's cross country team beat rival Skyview, she said the race was won in the last yards with mental strength over opponents that were perhaps physically stronger.

Zsoter asked the class to look ahead, toward accomplishments and opportunities in the future.


Vicki Stewart accepts a rose from her daughter Krystyna Williams during Soldotna High School's commencement ceremony.

Photo by M. SCOTT MOON, Staff

"Make the most of everything in life and try new and exciting things," she said.

Petersen challenged the class to write its own book.

"Make it a novel you can't put down," he said. "A ship in the harbor will never get to sea. Write a book that is more exciting each day."

The keynote speaker, head girls' basketball coach Mark Tuter, said the class of 2001 had been a part of his life since he was a substitute teacher in the second grade.

Soldotna High School's

Class of 2001

Veronica Anderson

Kathryn Anthony

Dawn Arestad

Laci Barclay

Travis Bass

Gretta Besse

Stewart Blakeslee

Natalie Blevins

Elizabeth Boots

Jared Carlson

Erin Carver

Matthew Chezik

Nicholas Christensen

Brian Christian Jr.

Elizabeth Cristiano

Emily Daly

Sylvia Davis

Roy Dennis

Matthew DeRaeve

Carsten Dietz

Shawn Dodd

Christopher Edmunds

Nicole Egholm

Epris Escolta

Alexis Gardner

Kelly Gee

Joshua Gemmell

Andrea Gensel

Samuel Gerber

Antoinette Gilbert

Francis Giver

John Gleason

Lowell-George Granath

Nicole Grosvold

Angela Haberthur

Roy Hammer

Patrick Blake Hardina

Ryan Hatfield

Donald Hopkins

Ashley Horsley

Nathan Horwath

Daniel Houglum

Aaron Hughes

Alycia Humecky

James Humphries

Aimee Jaillet

Jamie Karella

Kyle Karsten

Sean Kelley

Danielle Kerrone

Travis King

Lucy Kriner

Andraya La Fleur

Steven LaMarche

Tania Lamb

Andrew Liebner

Trevor Longfellow

Alicia Malchoff

Blake Mann-Schweigert

Marea Marinkovski

Kalin Martushev

Byron McBee

Dustin McBride

Amanda McKay

Christopher McLain

James Medina

Sierra Mello

Kara Merrill, valedictorian

Denise Metcalf

Michael Metteer

William Moiles, salutatorian

Houston Morris

Linzy Mullican

Darby Murphy

James Neal

Megan Newbould, valedictorian

Jessica Northcutt

Tyson O'Guinn

Erin Orth

Ji Min Park

Lucas Petersen, valedictorian

Alex Peterson

Joshua Pope

Alana Ratliff

Annette Rhoades

Elizabeth Rich

Patrick Rose

Kirilana Scanlan

Kayla Schneider

Leisl Sizemore

Brandi Smith

James Spindler

Corina Stone

Brook Stonecipher

Joshua Urinko

Mikhail Vaissenberg

Kira VanRooyen

Ryan Verney

Morgan Warner

Travis Warner

Kyla Watts

Tyler Weber

Ryan Weed

Ivy Weeks

Justin Whitmore

Shaun Williams

Krystyna Williamson

Jeffrey Winter

Mikhail Woltering

Justin Yragui

Robert Zeyer

Tasha Zsoter, valedictorian

The following foreign exchange students received certificates of completion rather than diplomas:

Jonne Oostendorp

Wenke Breitenfeld

Kendra Derning

John Waskey

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