Record attendance at local Memorial Day Service

Posted: Tuesday, June 04, 2002

No one needed to be reminded that Memorial Day was more than the first three-day weekend of the summer this year. The attack of September 11th took care of that. This year all across America people wanted to do something more than fire up the barbeque and have a family outing, they wanted to honor those who for over 200 years have paid the ultimate price to secure this nations freedoms.

Since our country has come under the attack of terrorists, a resurgence of patriotism as well as a new understanding that our fire and police officers are our fist line of defense, has welled up. More people than ever before turned out for the local Memorial Day service held at Lief Hansen Memorial Park in Kenai, and for the first time a non-military police officer was asked to give the keynote address. "I was humbled by the invitation to speak, I asked them if they'd rather consider having a veteran, but they asked again if I'd deliver the address and it was a real privilege," said Interim Kenai Police Chief Chuck Kopp.


Wreaths are placed in memory of those faleni n defense of America's freedoms at Memorial Day service in Kenai

Kopp's grandfather gave his life as a U.S. Intelligence Officer in China during the Moa Tse Tung revolution, and his father is a veteran of the Korean War. Last week the City of Kenai named Kopp as the new permanent Chief of Police for their public safety department. "Our country's veterans are the true heroes of our society, and they need to be pointed out as role models for our young people," said Kopp. Other speakers at the service underscored that we are indeed all in these times together and that united we shall stand, heal, and remain as the United States of America.

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