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Posted: Monday, June 05, 2006

Poison pill?!

Political theater!?

Due diligence!


The irony of these statements is matched only by the arrogance of this governor’s administration.

What about Gov. Frank Murkowski’s disdain for lawyers, expressed on a recent radio debate. This was no joke. The tone of the governor’s voice denoted more. A disregard for law and accountability, maybe?

Eric Croft, said, “Stand up, or roll over!” Glad to have him fighting for us.

Here’s hoping House and Senate take Johnny Ellis’s advice: “Does this pass the Hammond Test?”

Thanks Hollis French, for bringing a matter to the court, that defies legal logic. And Nancy Dahlstrom for keeping her promises. Ralph Seekins and Con Bunde earned our gratitude for saving the day in the 17th hour. We were nearly “gamed.”

Imagine how much good our elected could do in an environment that values working for the greater good. Tom Irwin and his equally courageous staff could possibly come back to where they are needed most.

I believe that Sarah Palin is her party’s brightest hope. Picture of integrity. Raised the bar, even. The best course for Alaska’s people, and resources is her motivation.

Alaska is a red state, use your vote wisely; she is as electable as she is honest. Let’s vote together, red, blue, green and purple to send a united message that enough is enough. Sarah supports a fair comparison of all the gas line project proposals that should be on the table, as did former governors Hickel and Hammond. Knowledge speaks and wisdom listens. Sarah said at the recent All-Alaskan’s Rally, “When you speak your mind and show your spine, you give others the backbone to speak up, too.”

Speak! Hopefully, they will listen.

Lysa Maher


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