Anger over vote left constituent even angrier at receptionist

Posted: Monday, June 05, 2006

After reading that both of our Senators voted in favor of the reprehensible immigration bill, I called Sen. Stevens office to ask him not to support the benefits given to illegal aliens in this bill.

A woman answered. I said that I wanted to leave a comment for Sen. Stevens, and that I was outraged at his vote on this bill.

She said “OK” and hung up.

I called back and the same woman answered. I said “You hung up before I finished my comment, and if you hang up again, I will have to go on our local radio talk show, and tell people how the Senator’s office responds to calls from constituents.”

“Don’t you threaten me!” She said in a loud voice.

“I’m not threatening you, but don’t hang up on me again.” I replied.

“You talk nice to me or I will hang up.” She said.

“I want the Senator to know that not one person I have heard of, wants to give another amnesty to illegal aliens, and I don’t want him to support any more amnesty.”

She said :”Well, It’s a long bill and I don’t know if he’s read all of it.”

I replied “I have read it and it’s a terrible bill. If he hasn’t read it, why did he vote for it? And I’d like to have your name.”

She said “I don’t have to give it to you” and hung up again.

I don’t think that constituents , trying to let their elected representatives know their opinion, should be treated like this.

Here is the toll free number and I’d like other constituents to call Sen. Stevens office and see if they get this same treatment. (888) 355-3588.

Joann Odd


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