Threat from Iraq remains in question

Posted: Friday, June 06, 2003

John F. Kennedy gambled in 1962 when he ordered the U.S. Navy to quarantine Cuba. When Kennedy and his advisers learned that the Soviet Union had built nuclear missile bases just 90 miles from Florida, they considered doing nothing.

Instead, they moved in on the Soviets nose to nose. ...

Forty years later, George W. Bush took a gamble with Iraq over ''weapons of mass destruction.''

He and his advisers may have believed Saddam Hussein had them. Americans want to believe that.

We don't want to believe the president would have attacked Iraq just to protect American businesses' interest in oil or that he wanted to finish what his father started. He wouldn't have tried to sell war in Iraq to Americans and the United Nations on ''proof'' he didn't have, we hope.

The problem is we don't know. We can't be sure President Bush was telling the truth or twisting it. No one has found those weapons of mass destruction. ...

What real proof did the Bush administration have? Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld and the president skimped on the details before the war. We need to hear them now. ...

We went to Iraq to end the threat against the United States.

Was there one? ...

York (Pa.) Daily Record,

June 3

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