Anglers land legal trouble during weekend

Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2004

Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement Troopers from Soldotna and Homer stepped up their sportfishing patrols on the Deep Creek, Ninilchik and Anchor rivers over Memorial Day weekend, contacting 750 fishers and issuing 40 citations.

Most of those cited had failed to record their king salmon catches, according to trooper Lt. Steve Bear.

"People must immediately record the king salmon upon landing it," Bear said. "This means it must be done as soon as it is removed from the water or retained.

"It also means a vital piece of fishing equipment for a king salmon fisherman is an ink pen," he said.

The wildlife enforcement officer also reminds people the Ninilchik River is open to hatchery salmon only during the week and to all salmon on the weekend. It is a one single-hook only fishery with bait during all open periods. Fishers are not allowed to fillet or otherwise disfigure the fish in any way that would interfere with the determination of the length of the fish or whether it has an adipose fin, until fishers leave their fishing site.

People cited over the holiday weekend for failing to log king salmon included Craig Schloe-sser, 43, of Anchor Point; Timothy D. Happ, 31, of Anchorage; Gregory C. Keef, 36, of Chugiak; Gerald M. Andrew-Miller, 54, of Homer; Teresa Brown, 31, of Anchorage; Troy Yeggie, 27; John E. Meredith, 52, of Spokane, Wash.; Jeff V. Hall, 44, of Anchorage; and Paul M. Mary, 31, of Anchorage.

Other citations issued during the fishing patrols were as follows: Ralph E. Holcomb, 43, of Willow, for overlimit of halibut. Bail was set at $210.

Lynn D. Harrell, 46, of Anchorage, for making a false statement on a resident sportfishing license. Bail was set at $310.

Matthew Pennington, 21, of Eagle River, for removing a king salmon from the Deep Creek River and then releasing it. Bail was set at $110.

Randall Igou, 46, of Homer, for failing to register a boat while on Cook Inlet. Bail was set at $15.

Kevin Zelanzny, 41, of Anchorage, for failing to register a powerboat. Bail was set at $15.

Earl Fish, 32, of Anchor Point, for failing to register a powerboat. Bail was set at $15.

People cited for using treble hooks in single-hook only waters of the Ninilchik River included Buck Merriman, 64, of California; Allen Holmes, 51, of Anchorage; and Donald Bentley, 68, of Ninilchik. Bail was set at $60 each.

Frederick M. Vasilie, 47, of Soldotna, was cited for retaining a king salmon from the Kenai River that was in the slot limit. Bail was set at $260.

Troopers remind people to read fishing regulations carefully for each fishery. Anyone with questions should call troopers at 262-4573 in Soldotna or (907) 235-8573 in Homer.

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