KPC sends off fresh grads

Celebration marks choice of higher education

Posted: Monday, June 06, 2005

Kenai Peninsula College celebrated 35 years of commencement ceremonies May 3 at the Renee C. Henderson Auditorium with the acknowledgement of the 2004-05 graduating class — an event KPC Director Gary Turner said is a time to hear words of wisdom and words from the heart.

Turner addressed the crowd of families and friends, relating the days of recognition in terms of new beginnings.

"This is the day we celebrate the day you chose to take the first step down the path of education," Turner said.

"It was your decision to pursue your educational dream — and you should remember those who helped you get here, because they were the ones who were there when you needed a push — and sometimes a violent shove."

Hold for audience response.

"Thank them for their spirit and support because, without them, you may not have made it here tonight."

Keynote speaker Soldotna Mayor Dave Carey challenged the graduates to leave their mark by blooming wherever planted. "Leave the mark of yourself, by yourself," he said.

Following the dispense of diplomas, the Kenaitze Tribal Drummers performed "Chuda Kuya," meaning grandmother's child in Dena'ina.

According to the tribe, the tribal drum was named by elders, and its purpose is to call people together.

The drum served that purpose at commencement.

University of Alaska Chancellor Elaine Maimon told the robed constituency to "make us proud, make us better and make a difference."

Patty Dombovy earned her Associates of Applied Science in office management and technology, all while raising two sons.

Her family attended the ceremony in support.

"Going back to school is not something I would have done if I had sat and really thought about it," Dombovy said. "I just dove in."

Kenai Peninsula College

Class of 2005

General Equivelancy


Alex Apostolos

Mark Barrett

Matthew Benson

Jerry Bilby

Christy Bitterich

Mike Blackburn

Austin Bradford

Manny Joe Carrasco

Clinton Christenson

Mandy Cooper

Darcy Cooper

Travis Cram

Russell Cronce

Sarah Daugherty

Cole Davidhizar

Amanda DeTavernier

Sunny Dorsett

Kirk Duncan

Shane Dunn

Lola Fallon

Lloyd Fanter

Chaz Franklin

Isaac Gilbert

Undray Griffin

Heather Hanley

Tera Heaton

Tarie Hegland

Rebecca Hernandez

Kevin King

Serena Lamb

Natasha Luton

Ryan Marquis

Charlene McCurdy

Kendra Nickoloff

Bucko Norman

Braxton Nunley

Michele Pecora

Randy Reamer

Sean Redfern

Jerica Salas

Anthony Sargent

Timothy Shropshire

Christina Sibolboro

Kelly Slagill

Brennan Starkweather

Brad Stephan

Jessica Stewart

Melissa Weaver

Lyle Webb

Ronni Woitel

American Welding Society StructurWelding


Brian Fulk

Jacob Sutton

Tim Jacobson

Robert Dunno

Rawlings Apperson

Joel Morse

Jonathan Boehmler

Trevor Karsten

Ryder Vann

Dwight Locke

Robert Flood

Gyula Szabo

Micheal Maurer

Pipe Welding Certification

Shawn McCloy

Laura Faeo

Clint Covey

Travis Little

UAA Bachelor of Arts

Joyce Cox

UAA Bachelor of Arts

Elementary Education

Denaya DeVolld **

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Stacy Hope *

UAA Post Baccalaureate

Teacher Certification

Sara Renn

Betsy Vanek

Associate of Arts

Sarah Douthit

Nicole Egholm

Jalynne Elliott

Shawn Haskin

Christopher Huhndorf

Brandon Laughead

Carol Louthan

Laurie Legoullon **

Jessica Mahan

David Martin

Stephen Noble

Jerry Olt

Anna Roedl*

Katie Marie Schollenberg

Michelle Seaman

Micah Shields

Andrew Silver

Gina Jo Whittemore

Tara Raemaeker

Associate of Applied Science

Small Business


Davi Jackson *

James Morris

Larry Rosko *

Kaarlo Wik *

Industrial Process


Daniel Eckert *

Kimberly MacArthur *

Donna Marie Phillips

Luke Moffat

Blake St John **

Disability Services

Rebecca Jorgensen

Crystal Penrod

Office Managment

and Technology

Jennifer Bell

Patricia Dombovy *

Computer Electronics

Jason Johnston

Computer Information

and Office Systems

Jessica Northcutt

Diane Webb

Process Technology

Michael Akers

Jerri Bitzane

Mark Collman*

Dawn Davis*

John Dykstra

V. Wayne Englishbee

Brian Fehrenbacher

Brian Franger

Mark Friday II

Ryan Hayes

Jason Johnston

Aaron Lorentzen

Derek Luntey *

Tatum McPhetridge *

Kyle Moffat *

Dona Marie Phillips

Jacob Randazzo

Flegont Reutov

Victor See

Wesley Stagner

Blake St John **

Banan Tarr

Gabriel Thompson

Joseph Young

Robert Honeysett Jr.

Human Services

Connie Rhoads **

Small Business Management

Alexander Douthit

Joseph Reinhart

Niki Schemanski

Tammany Walters

Computer Information

and Office Systems

Charlotte Jackson

Mechanical Technology

Larry Hull

Gus Rodes

Alexander Schwartz

Petroleum Technology

Derek Luntey

***Summa Cum Laude- 4.0

**Magna Cum Laude- 3.8-3.99

*Cum Laude- 3.5-3.79

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