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Posted: Monday, June 06, 2005


  Skyview's Bryan Self keeps his gown hanger handy during the school's commencement ceremony last week. Erik Steffen, left, and Michael Gossman, right, also enjoy the evening. Photo by M. Scott Moon

Skyview's Bryan Self keeps his gown hanger handy during the school's commencement ceremony last week. Erik Steffen, left, and Michael Gossman, right, also enjoy the evening.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Just a few weeks after the Skyview High School class of 2005 entered as freshmen, terrorists hurled jetliners into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., launching a United States-led global war on terrorism.

Comments by graduation ceremony keynote speaker Dave Carey, and thoughts in the minds of graduating seniors such as Jaime Miller recalled the events.

"The first graduating class of Skyview saw this country at war and so did this class," said Soldotna Mayor and Skyview educator Dave Carey.

Carey, who was instrumental in getting Skyview built 15 years ago, told 114 graduates, their families and friends gathered at the Soldotna Sports Center on Tuesday night it was up to them to become engaged in events occurring around them, and to "celebrate in your life's cathedral."

Carey was drawing on French lore that teaches, "A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile when one man sees it as a cathedral."

"My belief in Skyview and the cathedral it would become, began before you seniors were born," Carey said." Tonight, I request that you each leave your mark on humanity."

Miller and other seniors were touched by the war as they saw some friends enlist in the Navy last year and they learned of plans of a couple of seniors going into the Air Force following graduation.

"It worries me a little with the way things are right now," said Miller. "But I've heard a lot of good things about (military service) too."

A member of the National Honor Society and one of the 2005 salutatorians, Miller considers herself to be patriotic but said she "just disagrees with the president going to war alone and using fear as a way to motivate people."

"I definitely disagree with the country going to war," she said.

"It's awful to have a dictator, but that's not our decision," Miller said.

The dichotomy was similar to the contradictory emotions displayed by many seniors at the ceremony.

"I'm happy and sad," Miller said.

"I will miss everybody here. They've all been part of my life for the past four years."

At the same time, she said she is looking forward to going to the University of Fairbanks with her eye on studying chemistry or environmental science.

"I'm interested in just about everything, but I can't see myself in anything yet. Who knows?" she said.

The combating emotions of the graduating seniors was summed up well by senior student body Vice President Christina Shadura:

"Tonight your heart will break.

"Tonight your hearts will soar."

Skyview High

Class of 2005

Amanda Ames

Brianna Andree

Magige Arbucci

Cory Avery

Courtney Axtmann

Jonathon Baldwin

Trevor Barber

Katie Barker

Tawnya Barrickman

Ruby Baxter

Rachel Beatty

Matthew Bell

Virginia Berg

Shawn Bessex

Leif Bezilla

Cadence Bon

Maria Breed

Joe Bryant Jr.

Steve Buben

Justin Bullock

Nicholas Byrne

Cherie Campbell

Cassendra Chapman

Kazuki Chiba

Sheila Collins

Erin Cooper

Justin Dahlen

Ashlee Daris

Kali Day

Kenneth Dean

Elyse Dehlbom

Richard Derkevorkian

Amber Dockery

Devin Downs

Casilyn Dreifuerst

Crystal Ducker

Thomas Dunn

Rebekah Edmunds

Kyle Eshleman

Jake Eveland

Ella Fehrer

Gabriel Fellman

Nancy Fleming

Corey Fowler

Michael Grossman

Daniella Gregory

Kendra Groves

Rachael Hackleman

Angela Hall

Andrew Hann

Christopher Hannevold

Cory Hatten

Jennifer Hawkes

Bobby Hering

Brian Hibberd

Kristi Isaak

Sean Ivanoff-Zurfluh

Merrick Jackinsky

Chelsea Kassel

Robyn Kincaid

Bradley King

Noah King

Karl Kircher

Lindsey Knight

Amber Kunz

Toni Laine

Laken Langfitt

Joshua Lansing

Kendra Lucas

Sean Mallette

Ryan Marshall

Karalee Martin

Kimberly Massey

Maia Matarrese

Ariel McLane

Jamie Miller

Joe Misner

Marci Mohler

Elise Oskolkoff

Stevie-Kaye Pyfer

Anthony Quelland

Jackie Rainwater

Ashley Randall

James Reed

Maria Reeve

Blair Reynolds

Christelle DeMello-Rice

Zackary Rowell

Steven Schwab

Sheila Schwenk

Alissa Seely-Kipp

Bryan Self

Christina Shadura

Alison Singleton

Jason Smith

Laura Smith

Matthew Smith

Nathan Smith

Dragisa Spiroski

Cole Spooner

Matthew Stalnik

Timothy Stalvig

Erik Steffen

Thomas Strange

Peter Szczesny

Tasha Thompson

Brian Thompson

Jasmin Turnbull

Justin Udelhoven

William VanHoose

Seth Waltemyer

Tyler Wehrli

Vanessa Williams

Angela Woodward

Aaron Zumbuhl

Skyview Valedictorians

Virginia Berg

Virginia is the daughter of Randy and Karen Berg. Virginia feels the most important things about her are not where she has been, but where she is going. She plans to attend one year at the North American Hockey Academy in Stow, Vt., to prepare of acceptance into a fitting athletic and academic college. She aspires to be a doctor.

Casilyn Dreifuerst

Casilyn is the daughter of Mary and Richard Driefuerst. While attending Skyview High, she said she has strived to do her best in academics and extracurricular activities.

She plans to attend Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., to study engineering.

Brian Hibberd

Brian, son of Brad and Linda Hibberd, has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and achieved academic success. He said he has learned to balance time with sports, music, school and a job at Orca Theaters. He has shown particular excellence in music through band, jazz band and ensemble groups.

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