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Posted: Monday, June 06, 2005

After several weeks of hypocritical bipartisan bombast, an eleventh-hour agreement was reached by 14 senators — seven Republicans and seven Democrats — to move away from the brink of the ''nuclear option'' to end filibusters.

In our view, this appears to be good. But, on the other hand, it may be too soon to tell. Polls indicated that most Americans were more interested in the next American Idol. ...

In any case, the filibuster compromise opened the way for yes-or-no votes on some of President Bush's judicial nominees. It also preserved the right of Democrats to use the filibuster in ''extraordinary circumstances'' to block nominees they feel are ''out of the mainstream.'' Yet to be defined is ''extraordinary,'' while ''mainstream'' is also wide open to interpretation. Here's all you really need to know: Both parties love filibusters when they're in the minority and hate them when they're in the majority.

Democracy often isn't pretty, but it works. The danger is that the polarization of America could bring it to its knees.

— The Daily World, Aberdeen, Wash.,

May 27

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