Do we or do we not have a gas shortage?

Posted: Friday, June 06, 2008

The Department of Energy sages must be thrilled with the thought that they have made an oracular decision. The decision I take umbrage at is a statement that I read on the KSRM Web page written by Joe Nicks on June 3. The Department of Energy has officially granted the Kenai LNG plant a two-year export extension license for its facilities.

The short article went on to say the Department of Energy ruled there is a sufficient enough of a natural gas supply to satisfy the local consumer needs. If the Department of Energy has decided we have a sufficient supply of natural gas are they going to inform Enstar?

Enstar has been touting the shortage of natural gas and says it has to raise the cost of natural gas for the consumer. The shortage has been expounded upon during testimony before the legislative hearings and by our local politicians. For a decision that effects a major sector of the population of our grand state, was there any public hearings?

While the learned leaders of our state and country beat the tom-toms of energy crisis with one hand, it appears they are hell-bent on eviscerating the wallets of the consumers.

Charles Hubbard


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