What the people said ... regarding Kenai Budget

Posted: Friday, June 07, 2002

The following are comments made by Kenai residents at the city council meeting Wednesday night regarding the Kenai budget.

"Any impact, such as a mill rate increase, is going to be passed on to renters," said Tom Wagoner, business owner and mayor of Kenai from 1983-86. "Just because the borough lowers its rate, doesn't give the city of Kenai a reason to increase its mill rate. I think maybe the council still has some work to do."

"I have no problem paying my fair share, but I don't think it's necessary to raise a levy when other properties could raise revenue," said David Larson, a Kenai property owner.

"I support a small rate increase now so we don't have to spend down the general fund," said Mark Schrag. "What you do now can (make it) a lot less painful later."

"The best tax we have is the sales tax," said John Steinbeck, business owner and Kenai mayor from 1971-73. "It generates more money and it's fair to everyone. Instead of spending time arguing over the mill rate, you should consider what to do to get more businesses in here to generate sales tax."

"I think we've got a pretty good city here," said resident and former business owner Bob Peters. "I sympathize with business owners. ... I don't want to pay any more taxes, but I don't want to move from Kenai, so if you raise it, I'll pay it."

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