Sweeney's Warehouse opening sure sign of summer...

Posted: Tuesday, June 07, 2005


  Mike Sweeney invites everyone around back to the warehouse sale for special bargains.

Mike Sweeney invites everyone around back to the warehouse sale for special bargains.

For the last fourteen years family, friends and visitors have found that Sweeny's Warehouse is the place to find those summer Alaskan essentials at especially low prices. "It's almost become a travel destination. If you haven't checked out Mike's warehouse you haven't visited the Kenai Peninsula," commented a shopper from Michigan. Another local resident said that his father who visited occasionally from Florida bought his boots and rain gear years ago at the warehouse sale and just left them here in the closet so he'd have them for his next visit, "Can't find 'em this cheap in Florida!" he said. "Dad passed away a couple of years ago, but I still keep his rain boots in the closet for his next visit."

Mike says the idea of the warehouse sale started as a way of getting rid of samples and items he didn't have room for, "The space I had 14 years ago was only half the space I have today, so we really needed to use that warehouse to our benefit so we started with rain gear, boots and samples and it really turned out to benefit not only the tourists, but local folks that needed inexpensive boots and summer things for their kids," said Sweeney. Mike is delighted to be opening the warehouse again and even more delighted with the completed new addition to the main store and the new parking lot that will soon be paved.

Rainy cold days are great days for the warehouse sale, "Last year was really dry in June and July but we still did a lot of rain gear at the end of the season, but even if we get a couple of rainy days in July we'll do a great business," said Sweeney. The Sweeney warehouse opened June 3rd, with special reduced prices, "We've got some of our old rain gear for as low as $5.00. We've also added a lot of depth in our rain gear and of course a lot of jeans and rubber boots." Mike's mom and dad are back for the summer and once again will be helping out in the warehouse through mid July at, "The place you go for the brands you know."

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