Which came first the Attorney or the Doctor?

Posted: Tuesday, June 07, 2005


  Dr. Alex Russell with intern Dr. Nathan Schlicher, Attorney at Law.

Dr. Alex Russell with intern Dr. Nathan Schlicher, Attorney at Law.

That could depend upon which side of the bed you're on and may be as jokingly debatable as the chicken and the egg, however for Nathan Schlicher, of Seattle, Washington, "The doctor definitely comes first, the law is a fun experience and I enjoy doing the type of law I do representing physicians and hospitals, but I'm a doctor at heart and enjoy caring for my patients," says Dr. Nathan Schlicher. Schlicher is in his third year of medical school doing an internship with local physicians on the Kenai Peninsula as well as being a practicing attorney in the State of Washington. Schlicher is part of the WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE), WWAMI an acronym for Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho educational exchange program and selected Alaska for one of his intern rotations.

Schlicher says he will continue his law career as a sideline when he finishes medical school, but has wanted to be a physician since he was eight years old, "Long before they started teaching me to think like an attorney, when I was very young my family pediatrician Dr. Hendricks helped me decide I wanted to become a doctor, but on the road of life I went to law school first," said Schlicher. Thinking like an attorney can be a mixed blessing according to Dr. Schlicher, but for the most part having the additional life experience he feels is an asset to draw upon when understanding his patients care and the many nuances of medicine.

One of the local physicians Dr. Schlicher has been interning with is pediatrician Dr. Alex Russell, who also has a dual career as a pilot and considers it an asset for a physician, "I don't think it's unusual at all. I think that most doctors have some intense interest in other things and that is necessary to help balance out their lives and when I was eight years old I said that I wanted to be a flying doctor and I've done that and I think that Nathan being an attorney and a doctor is going to make him a better physician and person all the way around," said Russell.

Schlicher says he has enjoyed his rotation on the Peninsula and feels it's a wonderful place to practice and raise a family and is talking about returning some day, "We've talked about it, we've enjoyed the community and working with your physicians, it's a great place to live and it's on our list of adventures someday," said Schlicher.

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