Poet’s Corner

For You Mr. D.

Posted: Thursday, June 07, 2007

From first cheery “morning” to “see ya” the last,

Mountain View Eagles need not ask, but know

That “doing the right thing” is their task,

Joyfully, cheerfully, with glee — Mr. D.

However, if you so choose to plan and scheme,

And thwart our theme,

And disobey throughout the day, most assuredly you will be,

Sitting in the office of — Mr. D.

Punishment fitting crime for the offender,

Would be meted out to either gender,

With kindness, and patience, and humility,

By our Principal — Mr. D.

Quietly waiting, hands folded on chest,

Eyes searching, brows raised in quest

Of truth, a judgement there will be,

Swiftly, precisely by — Mr. D.

Tomorrow is another day, we were encouraged to see

“Just do your best, don’t sweat the rest”

Was the constant plea,

Of friend and mentor — Mr. D.

Now Mountain View will stand in other hands,

Not by choice of well-informed man

It’s future sorely questioned, you see,

For it will be without — Mr. D.

So with cheer, and chants, and tears,

We thank you for the years,

You have given so competently,

Thank you ... thank you ... Mr. D!

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