Legislature move: Poll results

Posted: Sunday, June 09, 2002

Here are the questions about moving the Legislature asked in two recent polls, both conducted in May:

Dittman Research Corp. of Anchorage polled of 508 registered voters for the Southeast Pilots Association.

The first question on that poll concerns the issue of moving the Legislature. It read:

Question: In the general election in November, there will be an initiative on the ballot that would move all sessions of the state Legislature to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. If facilities fit for these sessions can't be found in that borough, legislative sessions will be held in Anchorage until facilities are available in the Mat--Su Borough. Do you think you'll probably vote for or against that initiative?


Independent Research & Communications Inc. of Wilmington, N.C., polled 606 Alaskans who voted in three of the last five elections for the FRANK Committee, which was formed to address the issue of how much a legislative move would cost.

The poll asked about voter affiliation then asked two questions about Alaska issues and projects. Then there were three questions about the proposal to move the Legislature:

Question: In 1994 Alaska voters approved the FRANK INITIATIVE for the second time. This law gives Alaskans the right to know the cost of any proposed move of the capital or Legislature. This cost for moving will be established by an appointed commission, and voters will be able to vote on both the cost and the move. In the November election you will again be asked to keep or reject this law and whether or not to move the state Legislature.

How important to you is your 'Right to Know' how much it will cost to move the Legislature to Mat-Su or Anchorage?

Question: How important (to) you is it to be able to vote on the costs associated with moving the Legislature or the capital, BEFORE the actual move?

Question: Next I will ask you about the proposed move of the Legislature or the capital. On the November general election ballot, you will be asked to vote on two things at once. If you mark YES on the ballot language, you will be voting to REMOVE the FRANK INITIATIVE, as it affects the proposed move of the Legislature or the capital.

This means you will lose your right to know the cost of the move and the right to vote on such a move after the cost is known.

In that single YES vote, you will also be voting to move the Legislature to Mat-Su, or if no facilities are available in Mat-Su, to then move the Legislature to Anchorage.

If you vote NO on the ballot, you will be voting to KEEP the FRANK INITIATIVE. This means you can maintain the ''right to know the cost of the move'' separately from the actual move issue. In the NO vote, you will also be rejecting the current attempt to move the Legislature or the capital to Mat-Su or Anchorage. If the elections were held today, would you vote:

1. YES, move the Legislature or capital without knowing the cost

2. NO, which would keep the FRANK INITIATIVE in.

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