Hospital bonds will allow for better services at home

Posted: Monday, June 09, 2003

Where is the South Peninsula Hospital?

Asked this question, you could likely provide directions: "Drive the bypass to Pioneer, take Pioneer to Bartlett, then go up the hill until you run into it. You can't miss it." And, you'd be correct.

But another answer would be to say that the hospital is poised on the edge of a significant and much-needed expansion.

Think of the hospital as an entry to get services needed or to be evaluated and then directed to where you can best get those services. In "Web speak," it is a "portal." Enter here to get what you need.

Though you might not need a medical "something" very often, when you do need it, you want it to be there close by and of quality.

With a smaller population base, our local hospital has a higher cost per patient for services. Part of the property tax you pay goes to make up the difference. Think of it as a sort of insurance policy, where you share the risk with your neighbors, and the tax as a premium. Balance that against the cost and inconvenience of travel to where the cost might be lower, but you may be separated from the support of family and friends.

Life is about choices.

A choice you may soon confront is whether to approve authorization of bonds to add capacity and quality to your hospital. Why? Newer, better technologies and newer, higher standards require more space. Just as an old pair of shoes that once served well now pinches, past additions that once worked are now a bit awkward and need updating. The proposed expansion addresses accumulated needs and new regulatory requirements. And it prepares for those anticipated needs that are almost here. It is a careful balancing of needs against the costs of providing them. Not a Cadillac but a serviceable Chevrolet.

For more information, check out the brochure mailed to each voter, or contact the hospital to schedule someone to speak to the subject for your group.

Dave Green

SPH Service Area Board

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