Deep Throat: Is Felt vilified or vindicated?

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Posted: Thursday, June 09, 2005

... High drama and mystery. The revelation of W. Mark Felt as Deep Throat tantalizes because it creates so many new mysteries.

Why did Felt, the No. 2 man at the FBI at the time, become a prime source for Washington Post reporters? The Vanity Fair article in which Felt breaks his cover to author John D. O'Connor reveals that Felt harbored ''increasing contempt for this curious crew at the White House, whom he saw as intent on utilizing the Justice Department for their political ends.''

It may have been personal, too. After Hoover died, Felt was passed over for the top job when L. Patrick Gray became the bureau's interim successor. A patriot out to save the country? A guy with a grudge? That's another mystery, the motivation of the leaker.

... Watergate wasn't just about a mishandled break-in of Democratic Party headquarters. It was what followed the break-in that caused Nixon's fall, the coverup, the abuse of power, the White House's attempted misuse of government agencies, including the FBI. ...

Watergate was a scandal unlike any other in American history, leading to the only resignation by an American president. ... Yet Watergate can still surprise, can still turn up an old FBI man who fought encroachments, protected his turf and helped save the country from further grief.

— Chicago Tribune

June 2

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