Turning to crime is sign parents aren’t doing their job

Posted: Friday, June 09, 2006

Residents of the area of 4th & Haller:

In the early morning of Thursday May 25th our vehicles were broken in to.

Although all the items are replaceable, and there was no damage to our vehicles, the actions taken by the person or persons responsible need to be dealt with.

Brandi and I are responsible parents with an active role in our childrens lives. We know who are children are playing with and where they are at all times.

If you are a parent that can’t make that claim, perhaps it’s time to start. Your child needs you. My wife and I are not rich by any means. We have worked hard for everything we have. To have someone come under cover of darkness and steal our belongings is not only an outright act of

lawlessness, but also of cowardice.

We are a community, and like it or not, we all have a responsibility to that community. That includes keeping track of our children: their friends, their whereabouts, and more importantly their lifestyles, their feelings, their fears and hopes, their attitude towards themselves.

Parents need to make their children feel like valuable, important and loved human beings, that don’t need to be resorting to theft or crime to increase their own feelings of worth.

Rob and Brandi Petrey


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