Poet's Corner: Dorothy Westphal

Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010

They should have named a flower after you.

There are Daffodils, Dahlias, & Daisies too;

Didicus, Dianthus, and Delphiniums of blue,

and other "D" names that I have not a clue.

Even a Dandelion blooms and blows its seed.

No comparison; in fact I wish they'd recede,

'cuz we know they're just an "annoying weed".

So why not a Dorothy, yes a Dorothy indeed.

If I were a horticulturist of which I am not,

I'd have a "Dorothy" growing in my flower pot

with fragrance and aroma never to be forgot

and beauty so rich that it couldn't be bought.

Maybe not by name, but this I can guarantee;

in Sterling Alaska, a flower, you'll always be.

I believe there's not one who wouldn't agree;

in fact some may say you're a flowering tree.

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