Pebble mine a bad idea

Posted: Friday, June 11, 2010

Phil St. George's letter "Pebble Mine Could Help Southwest Economy" reminds me of the federal government telling Alaskans what to do. From Eagle River, he doesn't understand how fishing has always been very important to Southwest Alaska.

After years of studying the issue, our state representative, state senator, regional Native corporation (BBNC), regional Native association (BBNA), over 80 percent of locals and many other local entities have come out strongly against this bad idea despite Pebble trying to bribe us.

Pebble already broke its promises not to violate water permits or go ahead without local support. Pebble already got rid of local employees after the exploratory phase, showing its short term benefits.

Stopping Pebble is good business for Alaska, helping Alaska's renewable fishing and tourism industries. What tourist would want to visit what could be one of the biggest ugliest toxic waste holes? And the clean reputation of Alaska's seafood industry can be forever tainted by Pebble's toxic waste polluting our fresh waters, like the oil spill did in the Gulf.

Bristol Bay fisheries have been here for thousand of years, brings $400 million a year to Alaska's economy and has so much potential in the future with dying fisheries throughout the world. A 40-year mine that will give Alaska a scar forever and kill our fisheries can never compare to the life Bristol Bay brings.

Verner Wilson III


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