Poem reminds children to remember dads

Posted: Thursday, June 12, 2003

Father's have feelings

Every month has a moment to commemorate something.

We have holidays by the hundred, whose praises we sing.

In dark, drear December, a Baby brings cheer.

And just after Jesus, we party the New Year!

A eulogy of Independence, inspires us in July.

And May has a Memorial, for soldiers who die.

We laud Laborers and Lovers, they both are a boon.

There's even a small holiday, in the middle of June.

It's offered with the others, only it don't mean that much.

And I know you've been busy, with your business and such

Which explains exactly, the omission of a card.

Old men ought to understand, this life can be hard.

I'd guess a gift, was what you sought to swing.

'Cept you must have whiffed, and missed everything!

Of course you could call, he'd love to talk.

If he didn't fall, right over in shock.

Please hear me now clearly, I don't mean to deride.

But fathers have feelings, flowing inside.

The invincible image, is so much baloney.

They are very much vulnerable, and likely too lonely.

Their health may be homing in on the grave.

While memories search for something to save.

From glasses to glaucoma there are glitches in sight.

And their hearing if anything, is often just trite.

Aging is angst, it's got to grate.

To see yourself antiquate.

Their body may be badly, needing repair.

And they would take gladly, news that you care!

Brent Johnson

Clam Gulch

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