Comparison of retractable roof, national security insensitive

Posted: Friday, June 13, 2003

I read Jeff Helminiak's "Retractable Roof in Kenai" piece on June 11, 2003.

His comparison of the war with Iraq's Sadam Housane with his retractable roof idea is truly a meanless comparison. The two issues have absolutly nothing to do with each other and only displays the writer's good-will for Housane and his evil actions. It is indeed short-sighted to attempt to compare allowing us to "play games in the rain" to getting rid of a national security problem. Housane is a trant who is every bit as evil as Hilter.

If Housane would have had access to a resident population of Jewish people, his touture chambers would not have been filled with his own people, they would have been filled with Jews. Even if Helminiak was not serious it was a thoughtless comparison when you consider the many Americans who died or risked their lives in this conflict.

Getting rid of trants like Housane is not a joke. Comparing the worldwide action of getting rid of a trant to being able to "play in the rain" only shows a great lack of wisdom on the part of the writer.

Don Johnson, Soldotna

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