Flag Day celebrates symbol of freedom, sacrifice

Posted: Friday, June 13, 2003

The national flag of the United States is the emblem of the world's free people. The military of our country has always met the challenge of all foreign oppressors who would destroy the foundation of principles and values our nation is so proud of. The past 60 years has been a period hosting wars that have cost our country greatly in lives of those willing to step forward to not only defend our country but other countries of the world who asked for help to establish a government based on democratic principles.

Since our victories in World War II, we have been involved in many foreign civil wars supporting the freedom-loving people who seek a democratic form of government. The United States has been instrumental in bringing opportunity for a democratic form of government to 90 percent of the countries of the world. We can be proud that our form of government has the ingredients to provide peace throughout the world.

Our national emblem is a flag that brings hope to people in oppressed countries.

An American soldier in Iraq wrote to a friend in Alaska saying there is a need for American flags in his area and he was unable to find any.

A veterans organization in Alaska sent 50 flags to that soldier for distribution.

The freedom we take and enjoy are all represented in our flag, so let's practice our flag etiquette by coming to attention when our flag is 10 paces from us in a parade and putting our right hand over our heart until our flag is 10 paces past us. Remember those Americans who gave their lives that we may live in a free nation are represented by our country's flag of stars and stripes.

Have a great Flag Day.

Herb Stettler , Veterans of Foreign Wars, Soldotna

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