Dandelions and Republicans

Posted: Monday, June 13, 2005

There has been some discussion in the media lately about invasive species. I thought perhaps the use of an analogy would help some people realize what a serious problem they are.

Dandelions are like fanatic Republicans. They are a noxious and invasive specie. They will invade a lawn or a country for no reason, with no provocation and with no exit strategy.

Dandelions and Republicans are deceptive. One has a pretty yellow flower, the other practices verbal deception, (remember "compassionate conservative"), meanwhile they are poisoning the earth all around them. They do not believe in biodiversity or birth control. Dandelions and Republicans do not believe in the rights of others, in fact they attempt to suppress others that are not like them.

So as you go about your daily life, every time you see a dandelion reach down and pinch it's deceiving little head off and remind yourself you are doing the world a favor.

Erik Huebsch, Kasilof

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