ACT fighting ‘soup’ mentality

Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My friend Joe had a neighbor that was constantly borrowing stuff. One morning the neighbor came over to borrow Joe’s ax.

“Sorry, not today” Joe said, “I have to make soup.”

“How does making soup have anything at all to do with my borrowing your ax?” asked the incredulous neighbor.

“Well” replied Joe, “If I don’t want to lend you my ax, then any old excuse will work!”

As prime sponsor of the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayer’s ACT-CAP initiative, folks have asked me how the Borough could reject our second initiative when it is an exact word-for-word copy of the successful Mat-Su Revenue Cap. Quite simply, the Borough “has to make soup”. Litigation has become our only remedy to force the Borough to allow signature collection. While judicial review is never a slam-dunk, the Mat-Su taxpayers’ group prevailed in court and A.C.T.’s chances are favorable.

The window of opportunity, however, is quickly closing. While many generous folks have come forward to contribute, the funds must be “in the bank” before we can start, and we are still short of that goal. Unless litigation is started soon, there won’t be enough time to gather the required signatures for this October’s ballot. If we vote on it this October, we cap the Borough’s total revenue at the FY2006 level.

If we must wait until next year or 2008, the mill rate might be much higher. Mayor Williams has stated that by 2011 he expects a full 9 mill increase! (Peninsula Clarion April 30). Do you really want to wait to cap the total revenue the borough can collect at a much higher base level?

Take a look at our Web site, Then please consider supporting ACT-CAP. We’re trying to save everyone some money on their taxes, but it won’t happen without some help from our friends — soon.

Vicki Pate


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