Vote for the person, not the advertisements

Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The president is not fighting a war but defense of this country, it’s better to be aggressive and keep the terrorists off balance, than to fight on our own soil. Because of his action we have been able to sleep nights in peace. This would not have happened if he had turned our back on the Taliban or al-Qaida, after 9/11.

With the military action in Iraq against their training camps he has been able to keep them on the move and off balance with no time to regroup and strike at us from another location. Soldiers have given their lives for the country of their birth we honor and respect their courage.

In the Clarion there is a story on page A-6 on June 6 about the formation of a terrorist group in Canada and indication of ties with other groups getting ready to strike again. This group was Canadian Muslims. Our front door is open on the north and soon on the south, if we are not careful people who violate laws to enter the U.S. will not be the most desirable members of our society.

The combined Congress is not really looking out for our interest on this issue. I call senators and got a curt response from them, yes or no and then they hang up. Like another writer said, they were very rude. The senators refer to other senators as the most honorable senator for the state of their name, but you and I are just subjects with very little respect from them, even if it takes our vote to get them there.

It’s time we start voting for the person instead of the cash in their war chest. We are selling out our very own right to vote because we can only see the dollars spent on signs and advertisement. Not what the candidate stands for or his or her values, when will this end?

Another election is coming up with many running for office and a lot of them are career candidates, which I see as a poor choice. Their message never changes they promise anything until elected. They all vote along party lines and fall in step with the governor or our local elected borough government and city government they don’t want to rock the boat, as the saying goes. Please vote for a change. Out with career politicians and in with the new. Vote for some one who can make changes and not worry about his or her career as a politician.

Raymond P. VinZant


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