Sterling woman releases “How to” DVD

Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2007


  Annette Meyer of Sterling with her new DVD If I Can Do It You Can Do It.

Annette Meyer of Sterling with her new DVD If I Can Do It You Can Do It.

Now that the salmon are returning once again, catching, filleting, skinning, smoking, canning, and curing those eggs so you can catch another is on everyone’s mind. While there may be as many methods and recipes as there are fishers in Alaska, 38 year Sterling resident and grandmother of 18, Annette Meyer has just released a new “How to” DVD that will put you on the cutting edge of processing your own fish. For years Meyer has subsistence fished with her husband and grandkids. “So you catch all these fish and someone has to take care of them, and while you may have a lot of help I developed an easy method to fillet ‘em, skin ‘em, smoke ‘em and get them all ready for the freezer,” says Annette.

Every summer Meyer found herself teaching family and friends her unique and simple methods, so she decided she’d make a DVD that would give anyone interested a chance to learn and give her more time to take care of her own fish. “I call the DVD If I Can Do It You Can Do It because it’s very simple to learn and to do and it makes a great gift as well as a teaching tool,” said Meyer. She says she developed her techniques through years of experience and hard knocks. “As everyone knows who has caught a fish, you learn by trial and error, especially the skinning of a fish. But my method is so easy that I just had to call it if ‘I can do it you can do it.’ It may not be the way everyone does it, but it’s easy enough for anyone to do and we don’t waste any part of the fish, even what is cut away is composted for the garden.”

In a addition to the DVD that demonstrates the entire process from skinning and filleting to vacuum packing, Meyer’s package includes a wallet size fold out guide, smoked salmon brine recipe, smoked salmon and cream cheese dip recipe, and tried and true recipes and proven method of curing salmon eggs. “Sometimes you catch one with every cast while everyone around you is still trying to get one on,” she says. “You owe it to yourself to learn this easy method of how to take care of those salmon after you catch them.” The DVD was filmed in Alaska by Alaska Video Productions, operated by Annette Meyer from her Robinson Loop Rd. home in Sterling.

Meyer is excited about the success the DVD has already received and is planning her next project. “It’s gone over better than I ever dreamed. I knew there was a need for a DVD like this, but it has greatly surpassed by greatest expectations,” said Meyers. She is already busy on her next project How to Clean a Clam. “I’m going outside next week to start work on How to Clean a Clam, but that won’t be a DVD but an easy- to-use pocket guide for clam diggers.” The DVD is already in 15 stores such as Ken’s Tackle and Thompson’s Corner Gift Shop and is available at Sportsmen Warehouse locations and Once in a Blue Moose at the Diamond Center in Anchorage. Meyers is planning to have her products available soon on the internet.

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