Choice is your to control taxes

Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I support the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers’ “ACT-CAP” initiative and encourage public participation to force the Kenai Peninsula Borough to grant the people a voice in our future.

The “ACT-CAP” initiative proposes limits which would control unrestricted borough gross tax revenue to cost of living increases (inflation), adjusted for population changes (increases). In essence, what this initiative does, is it will limit the percentage of wealth that the borough can extract from the private sector, without voter approval.

Simply stated, this initiative would grant citizens the right to control the borough’s ability to increase taxes, so that if (when) the borough’s property assessments balloon, if (when) the borough proposes new sales tax increases, or when the borough looks for new revenue sources, they will face public scrutiny at the ballot box, or will be required to lower taxes elsewhere, before taking a larger bite from the people.

I believe that the public should have the right to deny excessive tax increases. Borough citizens need protection from the borough’s divide and conquer tactics, which encourage people to support tax increases from one group, with the hope that the borough will either not bite them next, or with the hope that one group will profit from the revenue (hard work) at the expense of another.

Tax increases which take a larger bite from the private sector and can be justified should be considered by the public, who are forced to pay the bill. Only the government is so arrogant to believe they have the right to take a person’s hard earned money without permission from those forced to pay. Only the government can deny a citizens’ right to say no to a contract or an unjustified bill.

I encourage and support the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers’ efforts to help borough citizens control future tax increases. I also hope that people become involved, because this initiative cannot happen without support from those who will benefit from the ability to control our future borough tax burden and long-term future. The choice is truly yours.

James Price


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