Murkowski showing his age

Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2006

Governor Murkowski rolled into town on June 6 on his snake oil sales trip. He wants Alaskans to buy into the “contract” he has negotiated with Big Oil on the gas pipeline and accept the oil tax rate dictated to him by Big Oil. Are we are as gullible as Big Oil thinks we are? Agree with the governor, and you prove we are gullible.

The best that can be said for the governor is that his advanced age is catching up with him. I am reminded of the ads the state has been running warning seniors to be wary of scams and frauds. Obviously, the state feels seniors need to be protected from scammers, but who in the state is keeping the governor from getting scammed by Big Oil? The problem is that the state ends up as the ultimate scam victim in this case.

The problem may be the governor’s top aides. History is replete with examples of failing aged leaders kept in power and controlled by their aides. If the leader departs the aides lose their positions and power.

Some legislators, especially senators under the thumb of Ben Stevens, have substituted party loyalty for common sense. The natural gas pipeline “contract” emits a foul odor, yet too many legislators seem ready to legalize the illegal actions taken by the governor and vote for the “contract.”

Whatever, it is time for the legislators to stand tall, honor their oaths of office and save a poor senior citizen and Alaska from Big Oil scammers.

William Phillips


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