What drops of oil?

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007

I had to bring up my letter (Clarion, April 23) on my computer which Don Johnson is talking about (Clarion, June 6) and am amazed that a business person of character would stoop so low as to commit character assignation of a person who he has probably never met, as I have never met this man.

He surely did not read my letter. The only reference to oil in that letter was the burned oil by electronic controlled engines, which have been on the market prior to the ’70s as I had one. “No drops of oil” were ever mentioned and nothing about the Cook Inlet.

After 1980, the population of the Kenai Peninsula did not increase, according to the number of boats on the river. Please, Mr. Johnson, tell me where all those boats came from, skimming across the inlet watching whales, salmon and birds and then dipping a wing to look at an oil spill? I also have a pilot’s license and that maneuver was not in my bag of tricks to perform on the inlet.

As far as fishing in the inlet, I have never wet a line there, have no connection to any commercial fishing people. I know a few fishermen.

Why, if I am trying to brainwash people, would he make a statement to the effect that we — quote from his letter “are a group of people who cannot stand some other group catching their fish”?

Unfortunately, there are other demented letter writers who are brainwashing their own program as the “guides” think they own the Kenai River lock, stock and barrel.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Innuendo not needed.

Paul D. Morrison


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