Whos whining?

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007

I find it interesting that it appears the private boater on the Kenai River is the one complaining the most about the increase to 50hp on the Kenai River. The last year I could find statistics for was 2005, where 43 tickets were written to boaters with over the 35hp limit.

Pay attention here: 40 of the tickets were issued to private boaters with only three being given to guides. And why all this crying over having to buy new outboards? You dont have to. Nobody whined like this when we were required to buy new outboards in 1986 and then again in 1987. Amazing.

And as to drift-boat only, let me tell you, I quit using my drift boat when I hit 45. I am 10 years older than that now. I remember setting up some rocks to measure the water height each morning where I launched. When it was the same as the day before I was happy, but if it was even an inch higher I cried because I knew that I would have to work that much harder just to fish. I gave it up during most of July because of the high water. Without power boats, me and friends of mine that have fished the Kenai River for over 40 years could not fish it.

Now are you cheechakos going to tell us we cant fish? Forget you!

Kenny Bingaman


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