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A new friend

Posted: Friday, June 15, 2007

I have acquired a new friend as I travel to the Bird Homestead Golf Course each morning. About two-thirds of the time I see Mr. Coyote finishing up his nightly rounds and heading home. And you thought I had an imaginary friend that traveled with me! Hello and welcome to the continuing saga here at the golf course on Funny River. I am never disappointed in the beautiful 11.8-mile trip to the course. The leaves are finally filling out (only about two weeks past due), after all it was only 35 degrees here this morning. But hey, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day in paradise.

Last week I told you about our friendly bears on the driving range. This week sometime someone created a new meaning to the word “target golf.” Our first bear was hit and lost some body parts. The friendly animal doctor here (Pat) will be in charge of returning him to perfect health. In the mean time, he is still keeping watch on the yardage for you.

Our first-ever Junior Clinic was held this week. Starting on Wednesday with seven very excited young people. They are learning the rules of the game, the etiquette of golf, how to hold their clubs, the proper way to swing, putting and chipping and above all, respect for each other as golfers. It’s a great game to teach young people. So much fun has been had by all. Today is the final day with a mini tournament and hot dog roast following play. We have truly enjoyed these young people and are excited about this Junior Clinic. I will keep you informed on when the next one will be held.

We had a fun couples night Friday night. Doug and Jackie decided we all needed practice with our irons so our bag could only have three irons and a putter in it. They were right, we did need a lot of practice, but that did not deter us from having a great time. Marty Radvansky and Daughn Carpenter took the honors with first place and Rhonda took closest to on No. 8. — No. 6 carried over to this week. The evening was so nice, great weather and good company, what more can a person want? Who said birdie? I must be hearing things! Come out and join us. Tee time is at 6:30 p.m. on Fridays. We would love to have you.

Top of the Hill gang had great fun this week. Nine teed off at 1 p.m. Three teams of three. The winning team was George McDowell, Max Carpenter and Mike Gardner. Pat Bird made an incredible long putt on No. 4, thereby receiving the honors this week and George McDowell came in with closest to on No. 8. Closest to on No. 6 carries over for next week. Thanks go to Darrell Jellsman and George McDowell for joining us. We enjoy your company. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The deck was full after play, you had to wade through on a few occasions! Don’t forget next week’s start time is back to 10 a.m.

The ladies played their own game Monday night. The weather was a huge improvement over the previous week. Pat Bird placed first and the closest to on both 8 and 6 carried over until next week. We need more ladies, come out and join us. We have a great time and would have even more fun if more would join us. Thanks to all the ladies who come out.

One team on the Men’s Night made a team course record for this year. Jeff Gillman, Tyson OGuinn, Mark Hordemann and Don Ramsey took first place with a plus two. Long drive went to Roy Bird, closest to on No. 6 went to Dennis Linnell with No. 8 carrying over until next week. The pure birdie is being extremely elusive and also carries over. The losing team was Roy Bird, Dennis Linnell, Marty Radvansky and John Brewer who came in with an eight over. Ouch! We will keep tabs on that and see if that record is broken this year. Again, all had a great time. Come out and enjoy these guys.

Once again I need to put a shout in for our first big tournament of the year. The 12th annual Moose Tournament will be held Saturday morning with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. Everything, and I mean everything, is included in the price of this. Food, beverages, prizes, food, drinks, prizes, FUN and laughter and not to forget the famous pig roast to be held immediately following play at the Moose Lodge.

If by chance you make a hole in one on No. 6 the first time around, $10,000 cash is the prize. Second time around a fabulous golf vacation for four. Second time around golf vacations on both holes. Two chances on both holes. It can be done. Come out and be our first hole-in-one winner. Not only will you win something fabulous, but your name will be first on our hole-in-one plaque in the Caddy Shack. Call the clubhouse at 260-4653 for more information, and if you want a cart, they are going fast, call and reserve one. See you there on Saturday morning ready to play.

The association meeting is to be held at the clubhouse on June 21 at 6 p.m. followed by a three club mini tournament. Come join our association and see what we are doing to help with the course. We have a great time together and love the reason we are here. We take a lot of pride in this new course and enjoy bragging on it. Remember, 11.8 miles out Funny River Road are good friends waiting to see you, and who knows, maybe you can make a friend with Mr. Coyote.

If by chance you just can’t make the drive, call 260-4653 and check in, we love hearing from you. Come as our guest, leave as our friend. See you in the sunshine on the beautiful fairways! Till next week, keep it in the short grass.

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