Don’t sacrifice rivers for tourists

Posted: Friday, June 16, 2006

I would like to agree with most of Mr. McCombs’ letter (Clarion, June 6) about the fishing on the Kenai River. It is way over used and most of the fishing guides are from out of state (this is my own observation). It is a public resource, but not one to be abused.

The faster they come on and off the river the worse the problem with erosion will become. These rivers are a fragile fish habitat, the problem isn’t how fast they can get on and off, but how they can do it without making a wake (too many guides, and not enough enforcement)!

Do we, as Alaskans, think we should sacrifice our fish and economics for the tourists? Most of the money is being taken out of state anyway.

I love seeing the wide-eyed tourist arrive every year but don’t want to see us taken advantage of.

Rich Mondor


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