Government refusal to honor promise belies national integrity

Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Dear Alaska Senators and Representatives,

It has been admitted and is documented that the U.S. government promised medical care, provided medical care and then reneged on the medical care of World War II-Korea era military retirees. The U.S. government failing to honor its word is an egregious and dishonorable action. The bedrock of America rests in a government that reflects integrity, honor and truth.

While the U.S. Federal Appeals Court erred in ruling the government could lie and get away with it, they recognize in their ruling that the government had promised lifetime medical care and military members had accepted the promise in good faith. The court expressed sympathy for military retirees but just couldn't find legal reason to force the government to honor its promise and commitment.

What can be more damaging than a government admitting its error and then refusing to correct the mistake? To make matters worse, unleash an army of lawyers from the U.S. Justice Department to fight tooth and nail to protect their mistake against the very military members that saved our nation in the 20th century.

We were trusting the U.S. Supreme Court would see through this disgraceful, arrogant exercise by the Justice Department and finally report justice for our warriors. The Supreme Court refused, and the issue now rests with Congress will it honor the moral commitment or continue to worship at the throne of "pork"?

Frank Murtha, MSgt, USAF, Ret

Chapter President

TREA Chapter 106


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