Trash is trash

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2005

While I applaud that Ms. Lewis would take the time to make our community aware of workers using our river as a depository for spent welding rod (Clarion Letters to the Editor, June 15), and while I am more than willing to accept her recent letter as having the best of intentions, I must categorically disagree with her dismissive attitude about "losing" a pop can or sandwich wrapper from a boat.

Trash is trash. Spent items being lost to the river are no different than "losing" trash on one of our trails, "losing" trash out of one's vehicle or "losing" a cigarette butt anywhere.

It's littering plain and simple.

To consume items is to take responsibility for the packaging that accompanies them, be they seemingly innocuous or pathetically absurd in form.

Let's tighten it up a bit.

Bill Sullivan


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